价值标准 value standard英语短句 例句大全

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价值标准 value standard英语短句 例句大全

价值标准,value standard

1)value standard价值标准

1.Enactment and quantification ofvalue standard in agricultural product trade——A case of the Japanese import aquatic product农产品贸易中价值标准设定与量化的探讨——以日本水产品进口情况为案例

2.On the premise of understanding the concepts, traits and intents of mining rights, the paper discusses the "value standard" as a useful tool for analyzing evaluations.在矿业权评估过程中 ,适当的价值标准的选择会对矿业权价值评估产生直接影响。

3.Therefore makingvalue standard of cultivated land becomes one of the key links to founding regional compensation mechanism of cultivated land preservation.耕地价值标准的确定因而也就成为耕地保护区域补偿机制运行的关键环节之一。


1.Her parents had maintained their standards of value. She had let hers down.她的父母亲一直保持他们的价值标准,而她却降低了她的价值标准。

2.These are standards of value which are never called in doubt(question)这些是从来没有人怀疑过的价值标准。

3.anything that is generally accepted as a standard of value and a measure of wealth.视为价值标准和财富量度的体系。

4.The Relativity of Cultural Ecology and Value Standard;“文化生态”及其“价值标准”的相对性浅议

5.“Three-benefit” Evaluation Standard and Its Meaning;“三个有利于”的价值标准及其意义

6.On the Modern Shift of Criterion of Value of Traditional Culture;扬弃传统文化之价值标准的现代转型

7.A Comparative Study on the Value CriterionTheory of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping;毛泽东、邓小平价值标准理论比较分析

8.numeraire(ny meirer)n. French. standard for currency exchange rates货币交换率标准; 定值标准; 计价标准; 基准货币

9.The Standards of Evaluation on News Value and the Reality of News Value;新闻价值评价标准与新闻价值的实现

10.Of course, price is not the only metric.当然,价格不是唯一的价值衡量标准。

11.Role of Value Distribution of Standard in Global Value Chain;全球价值链中标准的价值分配作用探析

12.The Research on Value Net of Technological Standard Alliance in High-Technology Industries Enterprise;高技术企业技术标准联盟价值网研究

13.A Study on the Value of Standardized Patients in Clinical Teaching;标准化病人在临床教学中的价值探讨

14.Standard limits difference of fisheries water quality assessment and suggestion;渔业水质评价中标准限值差异及建议

15.On Security Responsibility and Efficiency Value of Standard SA8000;SA8000标准的保障责任与效率价值

16.Public Value-The New Criteria of Government Performance;公众价值——政府绩效评估的新标准

17.On the Criteria of Values of Investment to China s Enterprise;对我国企业具有投资价值的标准研究

18.A Study on the Relationships between and Criteria for Truth and Value真理与价值的关系及其标准问题新探


value criterion价值标准

1.The people s interest criterion, which brings light to the aim of socialist basic value, is the greastestvalue criterion of socialism; the productive forces criterion, which reveals the means of socialism basic value, is the basic one; the practice criterion, which tells us the basic approach to exploring and achieving socialism value, is .在邓小平价值观中,人民利益标准、生产力标准和实践标准是社会主义的基本价值标准,它们依次揭示了社会主义的根本价值目标、根本价值手段及探索和实现社会主义价值的根本途径,分别是社会主义最高价值标准、根本价值标准和终极评价标准。

2.Furthermore, the advanced-quality of CPC has a specificvalue criterion, which is determined by the unity of regularity and objectablity.而且,党的先进性实践的合规律性与合目的性相统一的特点,决定了党的先进性也具有特定的价值标准。

3)value criteria价值标准

1.Productivity is the basicvalue criteria to measure the social progress.生产力是衡量社会进步的基本价值标准。

4)criterion of value价值标准

1.The era features of Deng Xiaoping s values are analyzed,it is considered that one of them is the further development of Mao Zedong s values on people s benefits: to sublimate the main body of value,to deepen thecriterion of value,to enrich the selection of value,and to develop the aim of value.分析了邓小平的价值观,认为其时代特色之一就是对毛泽东人民利益观的发展:对价值主体的升华;对价值标准的深化;对价值选择的丰富;对价值目标的发展。

5)standards war标准价值

6)Value Assessment Standards价值评价标准

1.Study onValue Assessment Standards of Wildlife Species;动物物种价值评价标准的研究


德国国家标准(见德国标准化学会、德国标准体系)德国国家标准(见德国标准化学会、德国标准体系)National Standards of Germany: see Deutsches Institut für Normung, DIN;standards system of GermanyOeguo Guol心日icozhun德国国家标准(Natio.吐S加Ln山切曲of Gen”旧ny)见德国标准化学会;德国标准体系。

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