政策扶持:policy support英语短句和例句大全

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政策扶持:policy support英语短句和例句大全

政策扶持,policy support

1)policy support政策扶持

1.Influence ofpolicy support on the performance of agricultural public companies;政策扶持对农业类上市公司业绩的影响

2.This article,which bases on facts,analyses some issues in tourism regional combination,brings forward the functions of the government orientation and ofpolicy support for tourism regional combination from the policy perspective,and advances the policy directions and measures of the tourism regional combination.文章立足现实,分析了区域旅游联合中的一些问题,并从政策角度提出了政府导向的作用及政策扶持对区域旅游联合的作用,提出了实施区域旅游联合的政策方向和措施。

3.Risk investment currently contains some problems such as the lack ofpolicy support,mechanism,capital and lacking talents,the problems must be solved in order to improve risk investment and high-tech industry.我国风险投资目前面临着政策扶持不够、运行机制不完善、资本来源单一、人才缺乏等问题。


1.Financial Policy Support is Urgently Needed for Science-and-Technology-oriented Small Firms;论我国对科技型中小企业的财政政策扶持体系

2.From Supporting Policies to Incentive Policies the change of policy for the developmentof China telecommunications industry;从政策扶持到政策激励——谈中国电信产业发展政策的变迁

3.Government policy support for hi-technology industry and our government s policy orientation;高新技术产业的政府政策扶持与我国政府的政策取向

4.The Anti-Poverty Development under Special Policies in Tibet: Accomplishment, Measure and Experience特殊政策扶持下的西藏扶贫开发:成就、措施及基本经验

5.Analysis of the Sustaining Policy of Industry and Commerce Made by Qing Government and Beiyang Government;试论清末民初政府扶持工商业的政策

6.An Analysis on Financial Supporting Policy for Construction of Socialist New Countryside in Fujian;福建财政扶持新农村建设的政策分析

7.Economic Analysis of the Financial Supporting Policy in the Economic Development Zones;经济开发区财政扶持政策的经济分析

8.Analysis of Support Policy to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from Hong Kong Special Economic Zone Government;香港特区政府中小企业扶持政策分析

9.A Study of the Finance Aid Policy of the State for Civilian-run Higher Education民办高等教育国家财政扶持政策研究

10.We will stabilize, improve and strengthen policies supporting agriculture.稳定、善和强化对农业的扶持政策。

11.Japanese Economic Support Policy on Private Forest and Experiences;日本的私有林经济扶持政策及其借鉴

12.On policies of helping the development of small and medium size enterprises in Henan Province;河南省扶持中小企业发展的政策研究

13.Financial Support for Hi-tech Industries and its Enlightenment;高新技术产业的财税扶持及政策思考

14.Policy Support for the Development of Urban Rail Transportation;论发展城市轨道交通所需的扶持政策

15.A Study on the Coordination between Foreign Investment Policy and Industry Support Policy--from the Perspective of Game Theory;外商投资政策与产业扶持政策协调博弈研究

16.The Comparison of the Government Supportive Polices for Small and Medium-sized Sci-tech Enterprises between America and Japan;美日政府对中小型科技企业扶持政策的比较

17.Study on the Government"s Support Policy to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Old Industrial Base in Northeast东北老工业基地中小企业政府扶持政策研究

18.Research on government intervention and implementation of supportive policies at late stage of reservoir resettlement水库移民后期扶持政策的政府干预及实施研究


policy supporting政策扶持

3)support policy扶持政策

1.Based on the condition andsupport policy of our country, the policy and measures of developing solar energy industry suitable for Jiangsu province were proposed.本文论述了世界太阳能的发展趋势和西方发达国家太阳能产业的发展动态及扶持政策,并结合我国太阳能产业的发展现状和扶持政策,就江苏省的具体情况提出了促进江苏省太阳能光伏产业发展的政策和措施。

2.The performance of thesupport policy through Agro-industrialization was not obvious that affect farmers and agricultural products properties,as well as the external environment.农业产业化扶持政策对于影响农业产业化进程的农户、农产品特性以及外部环境作用不明显,其作用对象主要是农业产业化龙头企业。

4)supporting policy扶持政策

1.Resettlementsupporting policy for existing hydropower station;老水电站移民后期扶持政策需延续一定时间

2.This article first reviews the actual supporting policies of SMEs in China, then analyzes the problems, and put forwards some suggestions on management system, finance, society service system to develop thesupporting policy system in China.简要回顾了我国现行的中小企业扶持政策,分析了现行政策中存在的问题,并从管理体制、财政、金融、社会服务体系等方面提出了完善我国中小企业扶持政策的对策建议。

5)supportive policy扶持政策

1.The American relatively perfect supportive system and the stimulative policy,as well as the effect,is world-wide known,This article will describe the present development of American small & medium enterprises briefly and introduce the definition,effect and the governmentsupportive policy in details.文章简要描述美国中小企业的发展现状 ,并详细介绍美国中小企业的界定、作用和政府的扶持政策。

6)government supportive policy政府扶持政策



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